Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sarah Michelle Lunde's body believed found!

**UPDATE** David Onstott, 36, confessed to killing a 13-year-old girl who disappeared a week ago, saying he got into an argument with her and he choked her to death in her home.

David Onstott was charged with first-degree murder Sunday.

Let's not waste time with this pig .. Give him an express ticket to the execution chamber!

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Authorities said Saturday they were "almost positive" they have found the body of a missing 13-year-old girl after recovering a corpse from a pond that appeared to match her description down to her green arm cast.

Sarah was last seen on April 9, shortly after she returned home from a church trip and around the time a registered sex offender unexpectedly paid a visit to her family's home. The teen was reported missing two days later when her mother learned she wasn't at a friend's home.

The Accused David Onstott

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Sex Offender Registries All 50 States Click Here

How can a grown man do this to a 13yr old girl? If it turns out that David Onstott is guilty I hope they fry his ass. Wait, that is only after he spends some time in jail being a victim of repeated sex offenses!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Church Concludes Mourning Period for Pope

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The Catholic Church amazes me.. The Pope is dead. All the Cardinals are having big "secret meetings" to discuss the future of the Catholic Church.. That isn't what irritates me, this is... I quote, "Housekeepers, car drivers and others who will have access to the cardinals during the conclave took an oath on Friday, promising never to reveal the details of the politicking and infighting behind the process unless the pontiff himself authorizes it."

Politicking and infighting???

On Monday, they will begin balloting to choose a new pontiff in a tradition steeped in secrecy.

So we have secrecy, politicking & infighting all of which the church is trying to keep hidden from the public. Why? I believe that the church is so riddled with corruption that they are scared to death that if it gets out the church will crash as an institution. The Catholic church likes to keep things "hidden behind doors" (like the child molesting perverts that run some of their churches). If the election of the Pope is such a time honored tradition why do they hide it? It sounds like a you scratch my back I will scratch yours arrangement. The hide stuff, fight & use politics to promote their agenda..

Nothing more than another friggin' political group..

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rev. Jesse Jackson pleaded on Tuesday for Terri Schiavo

The Rev. Jesse Jackson pleaded on Tuesday for Terri Schiavo to be kept alive as the brain-damaged Florida woman at the center of a bitter family and political dispute slipped toward death.

"She is being starved to death, she is being dehydrated to death. That's immoral and unnecessary," the civil rights leader told reporters after meeting Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, near the hospice where she is being cared for.

The Schindler's invited Jackson to visit to boost their effort to keep their daughter alive against court orders and her husband's wishes. Michael Schiavo believes his wife, 41 and severely brain-damaged for 15 years, would never have wanted to live in this state.

"This is one of the profound moral issues of our time," said Jackson, adding he was in touch with members of the Florida legislature to try to get them to intervene.

"We ask today for some hard hearts to be softened up."

But last-ditch action by state lawmakers appeared highly unlikely after a flurry of efforts by supporters of the Schindlers failed to get a reversal of the state court order for Schiavo's feeding tube to be removed.

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The Schindler's invited Jackson to visit to boost their effort to keep their daughter alive against court orders????? Why???? No offense to Terri but her parents are fucked up! She has been brain dead for 15 years! Why would any parent want to see the shell of what once was their daughter for 15 years? Terri died a decade ago. Let her go! Now, the parents are fighting over the autopsy????? WTF ??? Ahhhh, HELLO, Terri passed away most likely due to no water or food? What the hell are they expecting to find?

It is sad for Terri. She needs to be allowed to pass on in peace. If she could see her parents she'd be bitch slapping them across the room saying "stupid people look smart around you!"

Sorry, I got off track. This post was about the great cockroach jackson. This guy is the single biggest waste of air on earth. He shows up at every media event & spews his "racial harmony" (LMFAO) doctrine to anybody that will listen. It always appears that he is important, that is being surrounded with his klan, he creates the illusion that he is worth a shit. This guy sucks. He had no buisness visting Terri. He did it only to spew the jackson agenda. He could care less about what the state of Florida is doing or how Terri is doing. It is all about TV time & $$$$$$ !

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

John Evander Couey - Crimes are "beyond words."

The convicted sex offender who officials say confessed to killing a nine-year old girl was denied bond today on murder and other charges.

John Couey was charged yesterday with capital murder, battery, kidnapping and sexual battery on a child under the age of 12.

Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy says Couey was under the influence of drugs and authorities may never know how long the girl was held before she was killed.

Officials say Couey confessed to kidnapping and killing Jessica who was last seen February 23rd when she went to bed.

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There are multiple issues that piss me off on this one... Let's set aside the fact that Mr. Couey is a convicted sex offender. Let's set aside the fact that the local police had no idea this sick pig was in their community (30-year criminal history). Let's set aside the fact that he failed to comply with sex-offender registration requirements. He is also charged with a probation violation.

This man CONFESSED to abducting, killing and burying Jessica. As I mentioned in my post on the BTK killer, this sick motherfucker will die a peaceful death and it is wrong. Jessica did not have that option. One can only imagine what Jessica was feeling & thinking while he took her life.

The media seems to think that it is of some importance that they mention "Couey was under the influence of drugs" at the time of the killing. Who FUCKING cares! He made a choice to take the drugs.. By making that choice he is responsible for his actions while on the drugs.

Now what is going to really piss me off is this.. This sick fucker confessed to killing Jessica (asphyxiated). He needs to no trial (HE CONFESSED). The Judge needs to sentence him to die. Then they need to immediately kill this man. But no! This motherfucker will sit on death row for 5-7 years exhausting ALL Appeals before he dies. He will lie on a table, feel a small prick & go to sleep. Jessica did not have that option. I believe in innocent until proven guilty (presumption of innocence) up until you openly confess to a crime. At the moment of confession, the guilty party looses all appeals and his sentence is carried out immediately. Period! Some left winged titty-baby will feel sorry for this puke and 5 years from now he may or may not be executed.

Hopefully the State of Florida will see swift and powerful justice on this one. We shall see.

Jessica's father, Mark Lunsford said. "Somebody needs to kill him." I could not agree more!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Lawmaker Wants End to 'Sexy Cheerleading'

Legislation filed by Rep. Al Edwards would put an end to "sexually suggestive" performances at athletic events and other extracurricular competitions.

"It's just too sexually oriented, you know, the way they're shaking their behinds and going on, breaking it down," said Edwards, a 26-year veteran of the Texas House. "And then we say to them, 'don't get involved in sex unless it's marriage or love, it's dangerous out there' and yet the teachers and directors are helping them go through those kind of gyrations."

Under Edwards' bill, if a school district knowingly permits such a performance, funds from the state would be reduced in an amount to be determined by the education commissioner.

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Here we go again.. Somebody got "OFFENDED" and now cheerleaders are the target of some "politically correct" group that feels their routines are "too sexually oriented". WTF? You know with all of the "sexual oriented" stuff going on in the world, are there not bigger issues at hand? Do these people watch MTV? Do they watch prime time televison? Do they use the internet? Everywhere you turn everybody is being assualted with sex, homosexuality, drugs, booze, crime, etc.. Yet this group is attacking cheerleaders because of their routines. These people are simply stupid! Just because a cheer routine is suggestive does not mean that after the game the cheerleading squad is going to have an orgy.

It all boils down to accountability. Good loving parents are the key. How many generations of cheerleaders have there been? Take all of the cheerleaders in the country, what percentage of the population is it? Oh I am sure that cheerleadering routines lead more young girls into sex than say, PORN, DRUGS, ABUSE, NEGELECT....

Kids are going to have sex, PERIOD! It is not because of a cheerleading routine.

This clown, Rep. Al Edwards, needs to focus on something that is worth while.. Like crime, drugs, failing schools, taxes, etc.. If parents don't like the cheerleading routines then the PARENTS should pull their child out. The state of Texas should not be allowed to dictate what cheer routines can and can not be preformed.

I hope the state of TEXAS crushes this IDIOT!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Scott Peterson verdict is DEATH!

Scott Peterson should be executed for murdering his pregnant wife and unborn son, a judge ruled this morning at the Modesto man’s formal sentencing.

After rejecting Peterson’s request for a new trial, Judge Alfred Delucchi upheld a jury’s December recommendation that the fertilizer salesman die by lethal injection.

Scott Peterson showed no emotion during the morning's proceedings other than to shake his head two to three times as Laci Peterson's family spoke.

Peterson will be transferred to California’s notorious Death Row at San Quentin Prison overlooking the bay.

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I hope that this piece of shit enjoys the 23 hours a day he will get to spend looking out over the very beach where they found his wife & sons bodies.

No emotion. No remorse. No sorrow. Nothing. I hope that Peterson enjoys his time on death row. He should be thanking the Lord that his death will be calm and peaceful, unlike his wifes. I hope that he takes some time to ask God for forgiveness. If he doesn't there is a special lakefront lot awaiting him on the Lake-of-Fire in Hell!

This is a sad, sad story. I wonder what went through his head when the judge sentenced him to death & refused to commute the sentence to life? I wonder if he felt anything at all?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Union's SUCK!

The United Auto Workers says Marine reservists should show a little more semper fi if they want to use the union’s parking lot.

The Marine Corps motto means "always faithful," but the union says some reservists working out of a base on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit have been decidedly unfaithful to their fellow Americans by driving import cars and trucks.

So the
"I don’t see it as a snub against them," he said, adding no conditions were set when the union first began allowing the Marines to park in the lot several years ago. "We’re appreciative of what they’ve done, but you don’t come into my office and say, ’OK, we’re not going to support some of your Marines.’ I don’t know what a foreign car is today anyway. BMWs are made in South Carolina now."

"We do not think it is unreasonable to expect our guests to practice the simple principle of not insulting their host," the UAW statement said.

Story @ American International Automobile Dealers


I hate unions. They all fucking suck, period!

The UAW said, "reservists working out of a base on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit have been decidedly unfaithful to their fellow Americans by driving import cars and trucks" or " the UAW International will no longer allow members of the 1st Battalion 24th Marines to park at Solidarity House if they are driving foreign cars or displaying pro-President Bush bumper stickers".

There was a point in history where unions actually were a good thing. They protected the common worker, they were the voice of the common worker and they actually worked to improve the working conditions of the common worker. Enter the 20th century. What you have now is a bunch of greedy, left-wing, I want everything for fucking free liberal goons. Somebody please get pissed off and tell me why anybody in their right mind would even support a union? These people suck! Unions are nothing more than political platforms where a few at the top get rich, they push their own agendas and no longer represent or care about the common worker.

Soldiers are being dicriminated against because they have a Bush sticker on their car. Because they drive "foreign" cars. If the UAW made a reliable car at a competative price maybe they'd be driving them.

Union leaders are left-wing. They support meatheads (the democratic party) like Kerry so that they can continue to screw their members & get rich at the workers expense all the while pushing the left's agenda.